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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hump Day

...Or, All of my Friends are Funny...each in their own way. ;-)

Slave2Stan: plus, it's been so long since i had carpet, i'm just used to hard wood.

SmurfSnot: give me three years and a turkey baster and I'll show you "soccermom"

Slave2Stan: i'm practised in taking off my pants

SmurfSnot: if you have any dildos, fling them now

420 NE1: ball penis stretched over a what?!

SmurfSnot: indecisive people ... probably couldnt decide whether to use a condom or not either ... there's probably residual desert dust on her heels
Me: her cha-cha heels
SmurfSnot: her hoochy momma desert trotters



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