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Sunday, November 25, 2007

I survived

...Another Holiday at Home

I made it! My usual whirlwind of a weekend is over and now I'm sitting in my pjs and catching up on some HGTV.

So lets recap; I went home to the 'rents, coconut custard pie in hand, and got a nasty case of the sniffles (well, more like a full-blown snot faucet).

I then drove through rain, sleet, and snow to visit w/ the buddies (yey Miss Manda), in time to supervise (aka watch helplessly) as Manda and JK tried to yank a 50 pound bird(not quite) with a spatula and a plastic serving spoon(or something like that) out of a roaster.

Well, the turkey did not want to cooperate. In fact, it dropped a leg and threw one wing behind it's back in something of an advanced Yoga posture. When it finally landed on the platter, it ended up in the above, seductive, stance. Mistress Tryptophan was doing her final dance. She refused to go out without a fight.

Miss Manda attempted to carve Mistress Trypty with much awkwardness. In fact, Momma E. came home from work and gave the bird a once over that made you want to get up and cover it with a napkin. Despite the difficulty, the damn thing was deeeelish. Manda can cook up a mean and seductive bird.

So then I came home and crashed, and as promised, did not get up early for the Black Friday doorbuster sales. I actually didn't leave the house until after 10am. I also didn't get 90% of my shopping done on the first day (as is usual for me); in fact, I think I only covered 3 people on my list. So I'm quite behind.

Friday night, Chris and Brad came over for some Hairspray and a batch of Paula Dean's Pineapple Upside Down Biscuits. Ok, they rocked (the movie and the dessert)!

Saturday was dinner w/ friends and today was brunch with friend. We also managed to get the Christmas tree and decorations up. Yey!

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