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Sunday, December 2, 2007

There is Evil Afoot

...or, Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Everyone. and I mean EVERYONE. RUN. Take your daughters and go to your nearest shelter. There is evil afoot in our public shopping malls.

I was just finishing up my trip to the local mall and had checked off a few more friends and family members from my list when THIS caught my eye:

There is this store, Club Libby Lu which is acting as a front for alien activity. The aliens have determined to take our girls during their impressionable years and turn them into mindless, tartlet hoochies. Even the Washington Post has caught on to the phenomena, but they don't seem to understand the grave situation we are in.

The aliens are sucking the brains out of the girls, and treating them like drag queens (they call everyone princess). Pretty soon, we'll have nothing left but THIS! Warning: These images, while safe for work, are quite disturbing.

Not only do they call the girls princess, but they also dress them in low cut pants, tube tops, boas, and extensions or wigs (as seen above). They then teach them how to work a runway. Gurrl, I didn't learn that until I was 18...and even then it was way too soon.

One onlooker, Manda, noted a resemblance of these monsters to something from Village of the Damned.

Parents, PLEASE, heed my warning, lest you wish to see your daughter's shaved snizz flashed on the TMZ soon before she gets tattooed and shaves her head.

P.S. I have forbidden my sister to EVER take my niece near that place. It's evil. Pure Evil!



At 12/04/2007 9:08 AM, Blogger mineIsay's whiny, bitch-ass comment is...

There goes any desire I ever had for having a little girl. Except, maybe, I can somehow get her through all this bullshit and arm her with weaponry.


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