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Monday, April 28, 2008

Now Boarding

In case I've neglected to mention it, I loathe flying. Being trapped in a pressurized tube in a 17" wide seat while being hurled through the air with 120 strangers is just not how I like to spend my day. This doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching the random idiots at the airport.

There is the seasoned business traveler, the new mom trying to figure out how she's going to survive the next 6 hours without drowning her baby in the blue water of the airplane lavatory, the slightly grungy-looking middle eastern guy at whom everyone is staring, and of course the 90 year old woman who insists on repeating each airport announcement as if she's committing it to memory. Fun stuff people!

"Barely awake gen y'er clutching mobile device and bottle of water..." Oops that's me. Later!

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